Wozinsky PRO+ Tempered Glass 5D Full Glue Super Tough Screen Protector Full Coveraged with Frame for iPhone XR / iPhone 11 black (IPO11)

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    Standard delivery from 1 to 5 business days
    Made for
    Iphone 11
    Money Back guarantee
    100 days
    Product guarantee
    6 months
    Shipping from
    EU/ Lithuania
    Production material
    Tempered glass
    Screen protector
    All camera, charger, buttons and other holes will be cut out to fit the phone model that is mentioned in the product title.

    Wozinsky 5D tempered glass is a high quality, premium screen protector. Thin and extra strengthened glass protector with 9H hardness and comfortable touch feeling. Provide excellent, full coverage protection (whole screen and rounded edges) from accidental drops, scratches, dirt, and fingerprints. Easy to apply. Perfectly fitted accessory with whole surface adhesion.

    Package contains Wozinsky tempered glass, dust removing sticker, professional screen cleaning wipes and elegant box for all elements.

    NOTE: Because of full coverage design tempered glass could be a little bit lifted by some phone cases.

    • Brand: Wozinsky
    • Hardness: 9H
    • Extra strengthened
    • Amazing protection from drops and scratches
    • Full coverage (screen and rounded edges)
    • Whole surface adhesion
    • Easy to apply
    • Brand new

    Comparison to other types of glasses